Adthink launches FIRST for publishers

May 09, 2018

Adthink offers a vast palette of expertise in website monetization, delivering this expertise to publishers through a new partnership model. Our concept: a single point of contact to manage and optimize your advertising revenue from all sources.

Programmatic development, regulatory changes, multiplication of formats and platforms… Advertising revenue management has never been more complex. Focused primarily on the production of their content, publishers do not have all the resources available to get the best advertising revenue from their traffic, nor access to advertisers and all platforms.

With FIRST, Adthink puts itself at the disposal of publishers. By entrusting all its monetization to Adthink as part of this offer, publishers access several key advantages:

  • a single point of contact who centralizes and coordinates all sources of advertising revenue, enabling publishers to save time;
  • a dedicated and available team of experts with the capacity to support your monetization strategy: performance audit, advising on formats and content, regulations and technology monitoring;
  • a focus on maximizing revenue (CPM on pages with ad space) while always ensuring the best user experience and SEO;
  • daily management of monetization sources: negotiation, roll-out, optimization and reporting;
  • all the power of Adthink’s Sales House, a sales team in daily contact with agencies, Adtech and advertisers, providing access to new premium revenue sources;
  • a model that rewards performance, with a transparent margin rate on generated revenue.

FIRST is dedicated to publishers with an active editorial team and installed traffic. The ambition of Adthink is to recruit a dozen publishers with this new offer, primarily on the Family and Leisure verticals, where the company has been very active for 17 years.

Learn more about the FIRST offer.