Adthink launches 2 new Native advertising formats

Jun 07, 2018

Adthink, a specialist in digital advertising, announces the launch of 2 new Native advertising formats: Caption Ad and Sponsored Embed.

Representing 74% of the advertising market in 2021*, native advertising formats are a response to the expectations of users in terms of browsing experience, with less intrusive and ultimately more engaging contextualized ads.

Caption Ad Format

Principle: a simple and discreet text that is placed under an image, such as caption, in order to promote an offer or a service related to the image.

Sponsored Embed Format

Principle: a synthetic advertising message assimilating the presentation codes of the social media posts, which is placed at the heart of the article content.

With these two innovative formats, Adthink offers advertisers a new way to carry their advertising messages, and for publishers, an incremental source of revenue. These formats, which leverage native programmatic demand, are also available to our direct advertising Clients.

Check out the demos online.


* Business Intelligence 2016 – USA.