Drive more customers to your store. IRL ;-)

Feb 28, 2019

Yes Adthink is fully digital. This does not mean we’re not able to drive actual humans to visit your real-life, brick-and-mortar store. Or their shopping robots, in a near future.

Drive-to-store, walk-to-store, web-to-store or mobile-to-store all mean the same thing: bringing online mobile users to your physical point of sale. It’s one of the most powerful types of mobile advertising Adthink has to offer. In an increasingly digitalised world, let us not forget that physical stores remain the favoured place to buy for consumers: 72% of survey respondents prefer shopping in store because they want to touch and feel products before they commit (Teradata-Celebrus, 2015).

The right moment

Some consumers will be actively researching product: using this moment to show them where they can buy it now is super effective. Other users will be more advanced in the purchase funnel and are already searching for a store. This is when you should invite them to yours! This is called Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) or Research Online, Buy Offline (ROBO).

But there are also ways to attract passive users. For example though digital radios, navigation apps and even traditional Display and video. Using anonymous location data and geofencing, we are able to communicate to a user that entered your shop’s catchment area, be it on feet, on bike or in car.

Which KPIs?

What you want to measure is footfall uplift after potential customers are exposed to your local hyper-targeted ad. Adthink measures post-view visits to your store, using Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited tools only, and delivers to you the key performance indicator to measure what actually matters to you: incremental visits. Measuring the amount of incremental visits to your points of sale, the cost-per-incremental-visit (CPIV) is the most effective methodology to assess the effectiveness of your mobile-to-store campaign.

First use cases with car dealerships

Premium car resellers Groupe Nomblot and Groupe Bernard chose Adthink to launch their first drive-to-store campaigns. Guewen Gabillet, head of the drive-to-store solution, explains:

« Our expert media buyers are able to trade GPS-based location ads from various platforms, according to the very specific needs of our clients. For example, we leverage drive-to-store using Adsquare data to target potential used car buyers in a radius of 50km around each car dealership, inviting them to instant test drives and open house days »

Now your turn

Drive-to-store digital campaigns are aimed at retailer chains and large stores. These campaigns make use of mobile GPS-based location data. There is also an option to use proprietary in-store beacons which can be easily installed – simply plug the boxes in power sockets! The technology is not intrusive, does not require the customer to download an app and respects data protection laws (GDPR).

We give you access to very precise location data, including the ability to target affinity places (example: specialized supermarket), or a specific radius, based on time of travel to your point of sale

Our support includes the design of tailored banners (such as store locator formats) as well as advising you and carrying out your targeting tactics.

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