People Graph

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Get the full picture.

The primary and most valuable information online is the user identification. People are defined by their online behavior across many devices: work desktop, personal smartphone, home tablet etc. Understanding the link between these devices to get the full picture of your customer is key for today cross-channel and cross-device marketing.

The Gold Standard.

There is two ways to identify users: deterministic and probabilistic. While probabilistic techniques based on algorithms are interesting to build scale cheaply but with a very high potential of error, deterministic techniques are the most trusted way to reconcile consumer identity. And you don’t want to retarget Jane based on John’s history.

The scale you need.

Adthink provides one of the largest anonymous identification database, leveraging millions of deterministic datapoints like users identifying themselves to online services from our network of partners.

CRM Onboarding and Retargeting.

Adthink People Graph helps you link identities between siloed data sources like CRM, email, point-of-sale systems and other offline channels  to online campaigns. Making it possible to deploy targeted advertising campaigns that also maintain customer privacy. When you have a privacy-safe way to match consumer data to online devices and digital identities, you can launch smarter, online targeted advertising campaigns.

Cross-channel Marketing.

Simplify cross-channel execution by deploying marketing campaigns across different channels and devices with a consistent message, contributing to excellent engagement and high conversions. With Adthink People Graph, consumers get smooth, seamless interactions with the companies they interact with, no matter the channel or device.