2 new budgets and Pitch renewing its trust in Adthink

Apr 20, 2020

Despite the unprecedented health and economic situation, Adthink business is going on with the signature of two new clients: Euridis Business School and Advanzia, and the retention of PITCH for the third consecutive year!



Pitch renews its trust and commitment towards Adthink with a notoriety campaign called « Special Operation and Family ».

The advertiser PITCH associates with Adthink in order to launch an original digital campaign with children sport as its theme. This campaign, which will be initiated in May, will take the form of a promotional game and will be operated tripartite with the advertiser and its media agency. Adthink has a strong experience within family universe, which has allowed its advertising department to partner with numerous editorial websites dealing with this historical topic. These publishers will thus be honoured for the greatest delight of both parents and children! See you in May to discover this original and playful campaign.


Euridis Business School entrusts Adthink and launches a geolocalized DATA & Display campaign with performance optimisation.

Euridis Business School boasts a network of more than 650 partnered companies and 800 students per year. This new client wished a support to conquer the future business students which will integrate the professional advanced learning program in apprenticeship within the cities of Lille, Nantes, Aix en Provence, Paris and Lyon.

Advanzia Bank entrusts Adthink with its first Display Budget in order to promote the launch of its “ZERO credit” card in France.

Our trading experts will support this new partner in the implementation of a Display campaign with DATA targeting. They will ensure the promotion of the campaign on publishers’ websites of the Adthink advertising network and on partnered DSPs of its Trading Desk. The campaign will redirect web users on the website www.cartezero.fr.

This advertising campaign has been launched on the 27th of march. Performance objectives are optimised through standard, native and skin formats both in desktop and mobile environment.

Advanzia Bank is an online European bank specialised in payment and credit solutions since its creation in 2005.