Adthink & Adagio offer optimal visibility to your advertising

Nov 17, 2020

Founded in 2001, Adthink’s agency is a major player in digital advertising, which supports advertisers in their omnichannel acquisition strategy (Trading Desk, Display Network, SEA, Social Media, etc.).
Expert in audience monetization, the agency offers solutions to its 3,000 publishers in order to increase their advertising revenue thanks to its proprietary AdAccess adserver.

Adagio SSP, specialized in advertising attention, is a French startup created in 2016 and based in Montpellier. The SSP has developed the first advertising sales software capable of enhancing each visible impression, regardless of its location, according to its duration of visibility.

These two major players in performance-based digital advertising combine their respective expertise to enhance the attention captured by the Internet user, offering advertisers deals with guaranteed visibility (>75% visibility of the advertisement during minimum exposure time).



With the technological contribution of the Adagio SSP, Adthink now offers a guarantee of advertising visibility for its advertisers and an optimal monetization of revenues for its publishers, maximizing the value of every impression seen.

Benefit from optimal targeting, guaranteed visibility and an advertising inventory of more than 40 million impressions per day thanks to the complementarity of the solutions of these two pioneers of the French digital industry.


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