ADTHINK launches 2 New Advertising Formats

Nov 06, 2020

Adthink, specialist in digital advertising, is expanding its offer and giving publishers 2 new advertising formats: Web Push Notification and Bubble Alert.

Adthink is constantly looking for new ways to immerse audiences in more engaging advertising experiences and formats that integrate seamlessly with editorial content.

With 20 years of experience working alongside our publishers, our observation is simple: the time is no longer for aggressive communications but rather for subtle and integrated advertising. Concerned about the user experience, Adthink is diversifying its advertising formats to ensure more sustainable revenues for its publishers.


OFF SITE : Web Push Notification


These alert messages sent by websites (or applications) to mobile phones and computers boost your audience’s engagement.

Once users have authorized them, they will receive off-site notifications, and you’ll control the frequency and content of these notifications.

The average registration rate of 30% of users will allow you to increase your traffic and boost your income with a CPM which can exceed € 3.


The Bubble Alert


The Bubble Alert is an efficient and easy to set up format, reminiscent of social media notifications. It has very high visibility and interaction rates, boosting the revenues of publishers who use it. Join the Reworld Media, Cerise, Webedia and M6 groups who have already approved this new format!

The first returns showing CPMs greater than 2 € delight the precursors!


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