Adthink releases its proprietary Header Bidding Wrapper solution 1.14

Aug 29, 2018

After several months of development, the Display Network engineering team is providing its partners with the Header Bidding Wrapper 1.14 technology. This solution has been integrated into AdAccess, its proprietary full-stack ad server.

The fundamental principle of Header Bidding is to unify the bid proposed by publishers on their advertising space, unlike the technology of RTB waterfall which requests buyers one after the other.

A major innovation in the digital advertising ecosystem since the introduction of Real-time Bidding (RTB), the Header Bidding Wrapper offers many opportunities for both publishers and advertisers, beyond the immediate benefit of minimizing report discrepancies.

Through a finer bid management in AdAccess, they will be able to optimize the filling of their advertising space (improving their holistic yield) and thus monetize their advertising inventory at the best price. In addition, the solution decreases the loading time of web pages and can help with search engine optimization (SEO).

As for advertisers, the Header Bidding Wrapper gives them the same chance of having 100% of the available advertising inventory, which amounts to offering a fairer and more transparent auction. The likelihood of distributing their negotiated campaigns in Deals IDs, programmatic direct deals, is also progressing.

The Header Bidding Wrapper is available in AdAccess, the company’s proprietary ad server, with all formats and devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, applications). The platform takes advantage of this innovation to adopt a new functional and graphic design intended to facilitate its use.

The Display Network teams are mobilized to connect partners such as Criteo, Oath, Smart or BidSwitch, and to offer new players to collaborate via this technology.

Learn more about the Adthink Display Network and AdAccess.