Opening of an office in Lisbon

Apr 10, 2018

Identified as one of the three growth levers of Adthink, with innovation and commercial development, pursuit of international expansion of the activities accelerates with the installation of an office in the Portuguese capital.

The creation of an office in Lisbon meets a triple ambition:

  • support the Affiliate Network development, one of Adthink’s five performance advertising solutions, by strengthening the team dedicated to this activity by recruiting qualified profiles locally;
  • facilitate the turnover growth among Portuguese-speaking audiences, and more specifically in Brazil, a country offering interesting development prospects;
  • accelerate the internationalization of the company by moving into one of Europe’s rising digital markets, a presence that will facilitate access to innovations and market players.

“The immediate benefit of our presence in Lisbon is the recruitment of competent and multilingual profiles, who know our activities,” says Arnaud Lacroix, General Manager, “we are implementing an agile and flexible deployment, relying on new working forms (coworkspace, contracting), to focus on the essentials. This format can be easily duplicated on other locations.”

In addition to the installation in Lisbon, several actions were initiated at the beginning of the year, such as the appointment of a Global Development Director, the launch of LeadGen’s offers on the German and Spanish markets by Customer Acquisition teams, with other launches planned in the near future, the presence of the teams at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and TES in Lisbon, unmissable meetings of the industry.