Over a dozen clients signed in the first quarter of 2021

Apr 30, 2021

Following its business growth of the last quarter, 2021 is not a sign of slowdown for Adthink agency! Already a dozen customers signed in a wide variety of sectors such as education, food, data protection and even automobile. This allows Adthink to diversify its field of action and consolidate its presence in its historical sectors.

New signatures

Renewal with the arrival of two new customers in the education sector, a new customer in the data protection sector and a new customer in the food sector.

The education sector is under huge changes due to the obligation of distance learning but still need to recruit new students every year. Adthink is advertising for  the Pigier Group and the ICL Group launching their programmatic audio campaigns in France. This growing market is increasing by 95% and reaching 27 million € in 2020. Adthink agency is taking advantage of this opportunity by addressing this new offer to its new customers. These programmatic audio campaigns are published on famous music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Deezer.

Data protection and security is one of the many sectors on which the agency has been able to position itself. During the past 12 months the spread of remote work has been transforming the organizations and speeding-up their digitalization. Firms and consumers now have a clear obligation to strengthen the protection of data. The global market of cybersecurity is expected to reach $60.2 billion in 2021, with an  estimated growth of 10%. Avira is the first success of the agency in this sector, we support their development in the French market by launching a Display, Native and Web Push campaign to promote their software.

Adthink is positioning itself as an advertising player in the Foodtech market and confirms this strategic development signing the German firm Foodspring owned by the Mars group. Foodspring is one of the most successful sports nutrition companies across Europe and evolves in a market of $25 billion worldwide. Adthink is launching a campaign to promote a new range of dietary products via display and native advertising. The goal for the brand is to generate additional sales on its e-commerce site.


Budget Renewal

Adthink is proud to announce the budget renewal of 3 historical clients: Panini, Guy Demarle and the Bernard Group.

The Panini Group, headquartered in Modena, with subsidiaries in all major countries in Europe, North America and Latin America, is a global leader in licensed sports and entertainment collectibles. Exclusive publisher of numerous comics, Panini accelerates its digital communication. The last few months have been a sign of growth for the Comics sector, with 53 million copies purchased in France and a constant increase in consumption during the lockdown period. The agency has signed three new campaigns with Panini in April and May promoting the latest comics of the group.

Guy Demarle, a big name in retail with a constantly renewed range of kitchen products renewed his budget with the agency.. This performance advertising campaign was optimized to push an online game during Easter. Adthink exclusively represents the publisher ChefSimon.com’s reaching 10 million unique visitors per month and nearly 100% growth of audience in the first quarter. With this media brand, Adthink started a web push campaign in April on this exclusive support.

The agency has been an expert in the automotive sector for many years. Adthink is proud to renew his agreement with the Bernard Group. This top player in the automotive distribution sector in France generates a turnover of more than 1 billion € and employs 2 500 people. The agency is setting up a display and SEA campaign promoting new cars and second hand ones pushing up a special offer called  “The Green Month”. The automotive sector has experienced very strong difficulties following the pandemic. However, Adthink reached his objectives of return on investment for Bernard Group, a huge win in this context.

Framework agreements for adtech clients

Adthink is proud to announce to its publishing partners the signature of five major players in the Adtech market. These agreements will offer them a wider number of advertisers in order to increase their revenues.

Since 2006, PubMatic has created a global infrastructure operating in eight data centers worldwide. Its recent IPO helped the firm to benefit of a capitalization above $374M. This agreement accelerates the internationalization strategy of Adthink Display Network.

Sovrn provides advertising tools, technologies and services. This strategic partnership allows Adthink to improve optimization on advertising ad spaces for publishers.

ConnectAd has been an independent platform helping to monetize content for publishers. This new signature will enable Adthink to generate greater added value for its exclusive publishers.

The AdOperator platform created in 2018 is also part of the new agreements signed by Adthink. The firm has a huge presence in the adtech market with more than 3 billion impressions per day and international ambitions.

Finally, Adthink signed a contract with JustPremium. The firm maintains a very large secure network and attracts the most respected brands, which allows Adthink to provide a premium advertising experience to its publishers.


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