Publisher Business Solutions

Since 2001, Adthink has developed a wide range of solutions for mobile app and website publishers.

  • Boost Your Advertising Revenue!

  • Endless demand from AAA advertisers.

  • Header Bidding to maximize each impression price in real time.

  • 30-days swift and secure payments.

  • Outsource your monetization.

  • A single point of contact to manage and optimize your advertising revenues.

  • A dedicated Sales Team to represent your brand.


Innovate to engage your users

  • High Visibility and Click-through rate.

  • Respectful of User Experience and Privacy.

  • Compliant with Better Ads Standards and SEO friendly.

Technologies :

  • Mobile Apps Ads.

  • Video Ads.

  • Native Ads.

  • Direct-to-Advertisers Campaigns.

  • Highly converting verticals.

  • Exclusive Offers.

  • Keep in touch with your audience with Hyper-Deliverability emailing

  • Deliverability rate: 99% +

  • Shared or dedicated server infrastructure


Solution dedicated to:

  • Complex Web Architectures.

  • Very High Traffic optimization.

  • Custom solutions for all needs and budgets

Technologies :

  • HAproxy, Logstash

  • ElasticSearch, Kibana, Graylog

  • Hadoop, Redis

Got a specific need ? Ask for a custom consulting.

Performance audit, paywall, online shop creation, etc. : our monetization expert can help you find and setup new innovative ways to optimize your revenue while keeping an optimal experience for your audiences.

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