Adthink Associates

The Adthink Associates are a Distributed Performance Advertising Trading Desk

  • Distributed

    means that Adthink Associates traders are not required to be located at any of the Adthink offices. They can work from home, coworking space or even the beach.

  • Performance Advertising

    means the Associates trade advertising with the only goal of generating conversions for our Clients. We do not deal with branding campaigns, for example. And any conversion, like a customer registration or sale, can be tracked up to the very impression or click bought by the Associate.

  • Trading Desk

    means that the Adthink Associates represent a one-stop solution for Clients to acquire more customers, paying only for actual conversions. The desk is absorbing the risk of buying ads per impression or per click and the complexity of managing multiple platforms to resell only customer actions to the Client.

Adthink Associates recruits new traders on an on-going basis to handle our vast traffic acquisition budgets.

Associates are independent individuals who are offered a compensation based on performance.

They operate on the advertising markets only using the budget allocated by Adthink.

They never risk their own money.

Want to join the Team?