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Making each click a stepping stone…

…of an experience for your audience, in which each visitor is transformed into a qualified lead and a client. Through Adthink’s Display Network and Trading Desk, you already have access to a high volume of quality traffic, but visitors still must be addressed and guided as efficiently as possible: the right content, at the right time, to the right person. This simple but effective rule will engage your visitors and ensure they make the purchase.


Growth hacking and traffic prequalification

Adthink also helps you optimise lead and client acquisition. By developing several different acquisition methods for your product, you will improve your share of voice over your competitors. All of our methods are based on a strong conquest marketing strategy.

Traffic prequalification enables you to boost engagement and purchase intention, even before your purchase conversion systems come into play. Raw traffic is routed towards your prequalification systems, such as comparison and review sites, which guarantees outbound traffic with a conversion rate up to 400% higher.

One chance to make a good impression.

Capturing the interest of your visitors is a crucial part of your engagement and conversion process.

Images, sales hooks, descriptions of your solutions, action buttons: each of these elements is an essential ingredient in the decision-making process, together with the user path offered to your visitors. Adthink’s Customer Acquisition expertise can help you maximise the value of each click by optimising your conversion funnel. We deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy that will reduce your bounce rate and help your engagement and conversion rates take off.

Our Creative Studio also produces the marketing material you need for your new formats: email kits, banners, landing pages.


Adthink supports you in rolling out and promoting your operation. We give you access to our expertise in lead generation.

  • Subscription box gift campaigns

  • Mini-sites for events

  • Sweepstakes & contests

  • Consumer surveys

Improve Your Customer Acquisition Strategy NOW !

  • Fully-qualified unique visitors
  • Custom conversion funnels
  • High-intent engaged leads

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