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A reliable partner, founded in 2001 and listed on Euronext (ALADM).

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Optimise your revenue by page or device with our rich media formats supporting all devices that will boost your CPM and fill rates.

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Working with international Advertisers, Agencies and Trading Desks. Boost your CPM and promote your site with the leading brand names.

Adserver that is secure, multi-format, multi-device and 100% free.

Access the best DSPs on the market. Our traders connect and optimise your inventory in OpenRTB and Deal ID, marketed on AOL One, Rubicon, Smart, Quantum, etc., depending on the format/device (IAB, wallpaper, native, etc.).

  • Mobile Web & In-app: specific formats.
  • Vidéo: In-Stream, In-Read, In-Banner etc.
  • Native: Premium & Widgets.

New formats and video formats

More than 200 advertisers and 1,200 active campaigns with our Trading Desk

Benefit from a Premium or Exclusive contract, a dedicated account manager and, of course, the best campaigns and CPMs for your site.

More than 50 partner or exclusive media sites.

Audience extension and Data monetization

Data collection and segmentation with BIG, our 100% anonymous DMP.


Criteria :

  • Contextual

  • Behavioral

  • Sociodemographic

Our marketing methods

  • Data targetting CPM + regular campaigns

  • Audience extension: you earn revenues when your data is retargeted.

  • Retargetting – Remarketing.

Trading Desk optimisations

  • Higher CPM with Data targeting

  • A better match between your campaigns and your audience and editorial